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Check out the latest Certification for Existing Copper and Fiber Physical Layer and Network Analyzer all in  one device.
We have buildings that have been cabled for years so now that we’re moving a new group into this building the question is – just what networks will the exisiting infrastructure support?  The new NetXpert XG is all about answering that question!
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Join the Team that is making the switch to the World’s Top Certification Tester from Softing.  The WireXpert 4500 with a Cat 6A base and full Cat 8 Testing and SM/MM Testing is all stored in our eXport Data Base Software.  In addition, eXport stores and saves our FiberXpert OTDR Traces, NetXpert Copper, Fiber, and Network test results. All of these devices support Cloud Real Time Downloads and Fiber Scopes for Fiber Connector End Face Testing.


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Introduction to eXport Software Click Here


Understanding the Interface of eXport Software Click Here


Project and Data Management w/ eXport PC Software Click Here


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You just have to see it!  The New NetXpert XG will be the best tool in your ToolBox!

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WireXpert 4500 – Best-in-Class Certifier for today and tomorrow.


CAT 8 Ready!

  • Certifies Standards CAT5e | CAT6 |CAT6A | CAT8
  • Fiber Testing | MPO | PATCH CORD | COAX | M12
  • Full graphical view and control from both local/remote units
  • Fastest CAT 6A Autotest in 9 seconds
  • First tester to support MPO/MTP testing
  • Encircled Flux (EF) compliant for Multi-Mode fiber optic testing
  • Approved by all major cable manufacturers worldwide



Wirexpert Certified System Solutions


powerhouse      PowerHouse Systems/Yamasaki – out of Australia is a premier manufacturer of Fiber Test Equipment.  OTDR’s, Power Meter /Light Sources, Visual         Fault Indicators, Video Scopes, 200x and 400x Scopes, Fiber Identifiers, and Cleaning Solutions.   We also offer complete PON test solutions.                           PowerHouse Systems Inc stocks these products in Dallas, Texas and you can check out the complete line of Yamasaki products at                                                                                                          www.yamasakiot.com

tf916m400fiberspyxo1Fusion Splicer


ImageEclipse Tools is a major manufacturer of Tools, Test Equipment, and Coax, Solderless Terminals, Wire Ties both Plastic and Velcro, and other related products.  Eclipse is a major name in the industry and Vertical Datacom is your new representative for Eclipse.  We are thrilled to be working with Eclipse Tools and we are here to help our customers find the right solution for all of their termination needs!  www.eclipsetools.com

eclipse-catalog-2014.pdf Eclipse Drill Eclipse cleaver top smallest 80 70 902-491

cxlogo_converted_3CorrosionX is a miracle lubricant that adheres to metals and encapsulates it thus corrosion has nothing to cling to and simply falls off.  Take fully corroded electronics such as an outdoor telecom box or electrical box—spray in Corrosion X and come back days later to find everything like brand new.  Long lasting—perfect for potentiometers, motors, avionics.  See our video of an operating television floating in Corrosion X.  Non flammable, environmentally and totally safe for humans and animals.  CorrosionX will unlock any rusted item and protects electronics better than any solvent anywhere.



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