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Hammond Manufacturing offers thousands of Racks, Cabinets, Enclosures for Datacom, Telecom, OEM, and A/V.  Hammond has been making NEMA enclosures since the 1950’s and is a leader in the OSP and Harsh Environment Enclosure market.  Likewise, Hammond Server Cabinets cover Seismic, Heavy Static and Dynamic Loading, UL 2416, CFD Analysis, Hot Aisle Cool Aisle Solutions and Cable Management.

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C4 Seismic Rack

Modular Heavy Duty Server Rack Spec Click Here

Cabinet Solutions Click Here

Hammond Racks have always been a staple of the communication industry and we have what we call rack_basics logo

which offers all of the most popular racks and accessories in one quick location – Rack Basics Click Here

Core 2 Post Rack

2 Post Core GR-63 Seismic Open Frame Rack Spec Click Here

The Hammond Manufacturing Web Site is the most complete website full of solutions and competitor cross references you’ve ever used.  Let us give you a test drive today at

Snake Tray New LogoSnake Tray Builds Everything 100% (except for screws and washers) in their factory in Long Island, NY.  A unique cable management company that has a solution for every application.  Quick turnaround, all done in house!  Snake Tray has the largest Powder Coat Paint line in the Northeast.

We’re all over the Data Center!

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Mega Snake allows crews to complete installations faster and reduce installed costs by eliminating labor-intensive steps and parts required by all other cable tray systems.

Mega Snake® High Capacity Cable Tray System

Mega Fast Installation
♦ Built-in suspension system eliminates costly brackets or struts
♦ Unique design connects trays in under one minute – far faster than other’ cable trays
♦ Eliminates field fabrication of turns, T’s and cross sections (no cutting required)

Mega Smart Choice
♦ Patented design installs faster than other trays
♦ Pre-manufactured turns, T’s, cross sections eliminate laborious cutting and sharp edges
♦ Unique nesting, stackable design reduces shipping and handling costs
♦ Splice kit maintains a continuous electrical bond throughout the system
♦ UL Classified Equipment Grounding Conductor

Mega Versatility
♦ High capacity cable tray for high and low voltage cables
♦ Overhead and under floor models
♦ Patented rail can be accessorized with electrical boxes, patch panels, wireless
distribution boxes and many other devices

Superior Finishes
♦ Snake Tray’s unique mechanically applied galvanizing process eliminates the
growth of zinc whiskers.
♦ Stainless Steel and Powder Coating also available for all trays.

No Bending or Cutting Required.  We can CAD up your Pathways and give you


mega mounting

No Trapese Required – Tray Suspends Directly to the Tray!


Our Wing Design allows for Perfect Nesting for Shipment.  We can stack 80 to 120 Trays on one Pallet!  Reduced shipping cost and storage area.


Solar Snake Is the Best Way to Run A Solar Farm!

To learn more visit and call Vertical Datacom today!

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Solar Snake 1

Solar Snake 2_

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New Atkore LogoEastern Wire + Conduit is the industry leader in Plenum and Riser Innerducts available in shippable boxes and reels.  With sizes 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.50″ and 2″ Eastern has captured the most popular products in fiber and copper protection.  Using our fittings from Eastern you have a complete end to end cable protection system!  Eastern offers a multitude of other duct solutions as well – General Purpose Protect in Duct popular for residential installations and HDPE Solid Wall, Shedule 40, Kortech Single and Double Wall pipe, Amor-Duct, and Innerlocking Armoring for Copper and Fiber Cables.   These products are stocked by distributors throughout Texas, Oklahoma,Arkansas, and Louisiana!  To learn more visit and call Vertical Datacom at 800-697-0186!

multi-duct1 Innerduct hdpe-solid-wall-fittings


ImageEclipse Tools is a major manufacturer of Tools, Test Equipment, and Coax, Solderless Terminals, Wire Ties both Plastic and Velcro, and other related products.  Eclipse is a major name in the industry and Vertical Datacom is your new representative for Eclipse.  We are thrilled to be working with Eclipse Tools and we are here to help our customers find the right solution for all of their termination needs!

902-491 Eclipse Drill Eclipse cleaver top smallest 80 70 eclipse-catalog-2014.pdf

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